Kurilean kittens

What to keep in mind, when planning to buy a kitten from us:

Our cats share everyday life with us. They are used to sleeping in bed and they crawl absolutely everywhere. Therefore, if you have a problem with a loss of privacy or with their ubiquity, don't get Bobtails from us.
When buying a kitten from us, we first ask you to visit us to see how they’re growing up. We also bring the kittens to their new homes personally to check their new environment.
For us, selling a kitten isn't the end of it, it's the beginning. We stay in touch with all of our kittens and their new owners.
We breed carefully selected individuals imported from abroad or of our own breeding. We particularly concern ourselves with their health, nature and appearance. All of our cats actively participate in exhibitions, which not only tells us that they meet the standard of FIFe, but also what the nature of our cats is and what nature they will pass on to their offspring.
Feeding on quality N&D granules, grain-free canned meat and raw beef muscle, we expect that our kittens’ new families will continue to pamper them.
Our kittens are fully vaccinated, dewormed, spayed/neutered, chipped, socialised, with a European Pet Passport and an original pedigree card, ample kit, a lifetime breeder's service and, of course, a contract.
Our utmost priority is for our cats to be loved and live a full life of beloved pets.