Kurilean Bobtail - HamletKurilean Bobtail is a very little-known breed of cat, which was recognized by FIFe only in 2004. Kurileans are a natural breed of cat and therefore other breeds are not used in the breeding. They are usually healthy, friendly, communicative and playful cats, completely loyal to their owners.

Brief characteristics:
The Kurilean Bobtail is a well-muscled cat, compact in appearance with a lively expression, strong legs, a deep chest and a rising back topped by an elegant, “pom-pom” tail. The fur of a Bobtail, whether longhaired or shorthaired, must be soft, pleasant to the touch, with a sufficient proportion of undercoat.
The head is trapezoidal, with a wide face. Eyes are far apart and slightly tilted, ears medium-sized, jaw is strong with a well-developed chin. The tail is composed of one or more angles or curves or a combination of them, the length is 3-8 cm according to the standard.

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